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  1. SusanAK (6/21/2014 8:42:08 AM) 

    The commentator who is on right now with the Kerber/Keys match whose name I don't know because they never say it, is so awful that I can't even bring myself to listen to her. I am a speech/language pathologist and I can tell you that she has a voice disorder. She speaks from her throat so her voice is not only throaty but her cadence in intonation is so off that it makes for listening to her painful. In addition, her comments are very superficial so she adds nothing of interest or substance. Please do not have her on anymore!!

  2. ViJay211 (6/5/2014 3:47:02 AM) 

    Commentators during Monfils and Murray match were very biased...It was obvious that Marray was heir favorite and showed dislike for Monfils. I think it was unprofessional. It didn't give fans like myself a chance to just enjoy the match . At times I had to mute the television just to continue watching the match.

  3. Miah5117 (5/18/2014 1:42:54 PM) 

    Just want to thank tennis channel for finally getting a commentator who is non-biased,and a pleasure to listen to during a match: HIs last name is Gore...Please see if you could duplicate him and get rid of the noisy chatter of former tennis players you have currently working with him... I would like to ask that during quarter-finals, semi-s. that the cameras show ALL serves etc. There were two-three really smashed hits that were impossible to see, and no one showed if they actually were inside the lines. I am referring to the Ivanavich-Willams match. These particular shots changed the entire atmosphere of the game for Ana......... And lastly, the only difference in Williams shots ant the other top players is her brute force and strength. So plese have the commentators stop going on and on about her unusual skills; they can all be wrapped up in one two words: heavyweight muscles. (Same with Nadal)L

  4. Regina B (4/16/2014 8:10:42 PM) 

    Center Court is wonderful! I watched the Davis Cup episodes and loved the coverage, exxxially on Sunday with so many live 5th rubbers. Looking forward to this weekend's Fed Cup episodes.

  5. Regina B (4/16/2014 8:04:44 PM) 

    Why do we so seldom see double's matches? I find them very exciting to watch, esp. with the high speed net exchanges and the strategy involved. If nothing else could the double's finals from each tournament be aired? Even if it was at 3:00am I could DVR the matches.

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