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  1. dayvidm (6/27/2014 12:38:39 PM) 

    I have to make this observation to see if anyone aggrees,,when a player is injured the medic wears gloves especially wear blood is involved, so why do they allow the ball boys and girls to handle the players sweaty towels ! I dont think they should allow it does anyone aggree with me

  2. Artsy830 (6/25/2014 10:50:36 PM) 

    I have so been looking forward to Wimbledon. What a disappointment!! Why are you showing so much commentary by "talking heads"? That's not why I pay for your station! I want to see the tennis matches, not bits and pieces of them...Please cut out half of the commentary. You have overdone it!

  3. mare551374 (6/24/2014 7:40:02 PM) 

    My bad concerning the comment about John Isner he played a great match. Guess the tape that you played was from a different time and match.

  4. mare551374 (6/24/2014 7:17:10 PM) 

    Tennis channel where one should be able to watch tennis not commentary after commentary. Just now you showed John Isner injured and unable to finish his match, then you start televising his match, surely there are other matches being played we can watch and not one we already know the finish too. Also there are so many commentaries that half the tennis match is not shown, again you are the "Tennis Channel." Macatee did a very good interview with Maria, he kept to the subject of tennis and didn't ask any personell questions unlike Mary Carrillo, who everytime she interviews someone she tries to dig up personell information. You can see she makes people very uncomfortable.

  5. SusanAK (6/21/2014 8:42:08 AM) 

    The commentator who is on right now with the Kerber/Keys match whose name I don't know because they never say it, is so awful that I can't even bring myself to listen to her. I am a speech/language pathologist and I can tell you that she has a voice disorder. She speaks from her throat so her voice is not only throaty but her cadence in intonation is so off that it makes for listening to her painful. In addition, her comments are very superficial so she adds nothing of interest or substance. Please do not have her on anymore!!

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