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  1. southbayj (4/1/2015 2:43:40 AM) 

    Ugh, Mary Carillo. What a braying ass. Take her off the air if she's bored with the Isner-Raonic match. Very unprofessional and VERY NOT FUNNY. Too bad these pro athletes don't realize that their xxxy announcing comes off as contempt for the audience. Maybe she should take some time to work on her broadcasting game...

  2. Dale (3/18/2015 9:58:57 PM) 

    Jim C is the worst. During the Nadal match he and his commentator partner babbled the entire match. I am surprised that they knew there was a match being played. Please tell your commentators to limit their babble and allow us to enjoy the tennis. We tune into tennis channel to watch tennis. Thank goodness for the mute button.

  3. Hirsch Gottschalk (3/17/2015 7:55:32 PM) 

    am enjoying the BNP Paribas tour from Indian Wells, however isn't there some way to limit the incessant babbling from your commentators which are often irrelevant and often impinge on the action?

  4. kamchia (9/1/2014 6:05:43 PM) 

    I've always appreciated the great tennis-related commentary for the tennis matches, the insights, the historical perspective.....Not so much the bias commentary where personal likes and dislikes come through quite strongly from some of your analysts. Their demeaning shots (no pun intended) at the players they don’t like is too blatant at times…....When Bouchard is down one set and barely hanging in the second... don't you find it offensive to state that if she wins 'here' she would move to no 2??!!..Easier to be a 'cover girl' than to win tough matches, eh?....Also, MANY of us love Federer for his remarkable talent and perseverance but equally for his classy demeanor (well, classy attire as well) so if McEnroe doesn't like his 'poker face' he should keep it to himself... We all know his preference for Djokovic, but I watch the game for its beauty and not for crashed rackets, tantrums and shrieks.....And please! Stop talking about Roger’s age… it is offensive and such an unilateral approach… Nobody talks about all the other players, some of whom were actually playing Federer, who are also in their early 30s! The great Rod Laver retired at 36!....Tennis has always been a gentlemen's sport and hopefully it would stay that way, classy and courteous, in spite of some newcomers trying to make it a ‘cool’ sport. It is not and it is not supposed to be! There are enough mindless and belligerent sports out there for those who care for such entertainment.....If I were to pay hundreds of dollars to see a match I would certainly expect the players to respect that (and tennis) enough to walk into the court without ignoring the audience and listening to their music with the headphones on!!!

  5. kamchia (9/1/2014 4:40:01 AM) 

    I am watching the replay of Wozniacki/Sharapova match and I wonder why the commentators did not consider that the warning given to Sharapova for returning late for the 3rd set (or her argument with the Umpire) was relevant enough to be shown or at the very least mentioned?!..Nonetheless, the sheer joy of seeing that someone finally managed to ignore the delays and shrieks and put an end to the 'come-back from lost sets and games' story... makes up for any commentary... At least the public picked the right player to cheer for!

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