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The Winner

Thank you to everyone who submitted essays, we received just under 500 entries for the Write to Roland Garros writer search. After a very close vote between the 10 finalists, James from Los Angeles earned the trip.  

Click to read his winning entries. 
Essay 1 | Essay 2

Guest judge, and tennis writer Jon Wertheim's comment on the winner:
What is it we look for in a blog? Humor? Insight? Off-beat sensibilites? Irony? Whatever it is, James nailed it all with consistently enteraining, consistently witty, exceptionally readbale riffs. He exhibited both writing chops and a passion for tennis (and its endearing quirks). Pack your beret, mon amis....

Assignment #1 : If you were appointed commissioner of tennis, what would be the one change you'd make to improve the sport.

Assignment #2: Pretend you're at Roland Garros. Write a 500 word or less blog about what it was like at the tournament today.