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Bienvenue a Roland Garros. It is my pleasure to host this LIVE Blog-Cast for The Tennis Channel, taking questions from you viewers in real time. I'll be your oiels and oreilles at the French Open.

First question is from my editor!

Uh [gulp], yes, I was late today.

No, I was NOT stalking members of the U.S. Davis Cup team.

Honestly, last night in my LOVELY PARISIAN HOTEL THANK YOU THE TENNIS CHANNEL I fell asleep hugging my credentials so I had to wait for the imprint on my chin to fade.

No, I did not over-indulge on the tax-deductible Chateau St. Emilion. (Much.) Next question!

It's from Jeff, my fellow Write-to-Rolland-Garros contestant...

Dude, I did not pull strings to win this assignment using my "connections".

OK, in the interest of full disclosure: Vince Spadea is my friend Mary Jane's third cousin by marriage, and my tennis coach Sue was once at the same party as Brian Gottfried. Look, I have to go.

FINALLY a tennis question, from Karen of Missouri.

Karen, the best thing about being here in beautiful Court Susie Long-Long is comparing the players' struts. They are all unique, and NO ONE can swagger like a tennis player. Sorry other athletes--yes I'm calling you out. It isn't even CLOSE. Maybe Tiger, but that would be it.

Anyway, you can really witness the prima donna at work and that’s just the men. Picture Swiss-dish and Universe #1 Roger Federer. He languidly saunters to the service line, stray curl over one eye. That smoldering squint shows his focus and determination to stay humble. Hmmm, I may have to add him to my list of All-time Great Squinters, behind Clint Eastwood and nine baseball pitchers, but that is another website, another contest.

Next up is John of Oregon who wants me to see how close I can get to the action and I'm pretty sure he means tennis (but if not I'll have to answer him off line-- LOL).

Sorry for the delay, but it appears that even these very official-looking credentials won't allow me into the players' boxes, so I had to go to an outlying court, and I don't like to brag but I am in the very first row of the Shvedova-Cibulkova women's second round match. There was a guy in front of me, but he moved so I'm totally courtside.

Yes, it IS true-they are 1,000 times more good-looking in real life. Look at her muscles. Oh wow, I'm so close I can even see her sweat fly. Hot!

No, it didn't fly this far. Anyway, now Shvedova is about to serve. Rats! That guy came back and sat directly in front of me. Maybe if I clear my throat a few times. Now HE has the nerve to turn around and glare at ME?!??

Sorry for the delay, but line judges are definitely as crabby as they look.

More tomorrow, featuring my adventures speaking Francaise. They LOVE Americans here...