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How to Play


Turbo Tennis uses the tiebreaker scoring system. The first player to reach seven points, leading by two, gains the round point. In the Local and Regional courts, the player who gains the best of 3 rounds wins the match. At the National Court level, achieving three out of five rounds gains the win.


Net Buddies - lift the net, blocking the ball
Voodoo Storm - change opponent's key layout
Super Racket - player racket is super-sized
Anvil - falls onto/crushes opponent
Ball 'n Chain - slows down your character
Slippery Court - makes player harder to control
Random - any of the above power-up items


Hitting the ball:

Remember that you can guide the ball in any direction by pressing the D-Pad in the direction you want the ball to travel. Try and hit the ball to the opposite side of your opponent's court. For example, if your opponent is standing on the left side of the court, shoot the ball to the right side of the court and make your opponent work for their shot. This will make your opponent have to chase the ball and will increase the possibility of them missing their shot.

Power Up's:

Power Up's are most helpful when used at the right time. If you have hit the ball, you will want to use one of the many Power Up's before the ball reaches your opponent so that it interrupts their shot. Pick your Power Up's wisely. Do not go out of your way to get a power up that may not be useful to you at that time. There is always a chance of you or your opponent missing a shot because you are reaching for a Power Up. Make sure to take advantage of this by hitting the ball away from a Power Up when your opponent is reaching for it.

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