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Q. I am having trouble hitting the ball in the direction I want it to go. How do I get more control over my shots?
A. After you press the swing button (either the center directional pad button or *, 0 or #), your character will begin to swing his/her racket. Press and hold one of the directional buttons during this swing animation. Your shot will go in the direction of they key you have pressed.

Q. I am faulting a lot when I serve. How can I avoid doing this?
A. Serving is all about timing. Press any of the swing keys to throw the ball up in the air. Pressing a swing key again will hit the ball. Try to time it so you are hitting the ball just after it has reached the peak of the toss and has begun to descend.

Q. How do I unlock the bonus table tennis level?
A. Every once in a while during tournament play a squirrel will run across the court. If you can hit this furry rascal with the ball, you will unlock the bonus level. It isn't easy to do, but it isn't supposed to be easy! Remember to aim your shots by using the directional buttons.

Q. Why are strange things happening to me during the game - like anvils falling on my player's head or lightening striking my character?
A. When this happens, it means that your computer opponent has picked up a power-up. Power-ups appear randomly on either side of the court. If your opponent picks one up, you can bet he will use it on you! Get revenge by picking up a power-up and using it on your opponent (by pressing the 9 key)!

Q. I don't understand the scoring system. Why is it like it is?
A. Traditional scoring wouldn't make for a very good mobile phone game. The matches would take too long! So we use the tie-breaker scoring system for Turbo Tennis. The first person to make 7 points wins the tie-breaker—but you must win by 2! For most of the tournament, the winner of a match is determined by who wins the best of 3 tie-breakers. Once you reach the national court, the winner is determined by who wins the best of 5 tie-breakers. Scoring the game like this keeps matches shorter.

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