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Tennis Fantasies with John Newcombe and the Legends
Steve Contardi
8675 E. Kemper Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone: (800) 874-7788
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John Newcombe, "Newk" to his friends, is almost as well known for his handlebar mustache and macho persona as for his 25 Grand Slam titles. With his straight talk and steely gaze, it would be easy to imagine this Aussie in an old spaghetti Western, swaggering down a dusty road to meet his buddies for a few drinks and tall tales around a campfire, when men were men and women were impressed.

If this appeals to you, then make your reservations to be a temporary member of this fun-loving boys' club at John Newcombe's Tennis Ranch. Focus on your tennis during the day and relax every evening, eating your fill and drinking to the glory days. Join Newk and his well-known tennis mates (guys like Roy Emerson, Fred Stolle and Mark Woodforde to name a few) in the "men only" tennis week in October. Ladies, don't despair, you don't even need the secret knock on the clubhouse door to join the good times. Simply sign up for the men's and women's camp held in March.
  • Spring Men's & Women's Fantasy Camp: (Visit the website for a complete list of dates), featuring tennis legends John Newcombe, Roy Emerson, Owen Davidson and Ross Case.
  • Fall Men's Fantasy Camp: 9Visit the website for a complete list of dates) , featuring legends John Newcombe, Marty Riessen, Owen Davidson, Mark Woodforde, Fred Stolle, Charlie Pasarell, Ross Case, Roy Emerson, Dick Stockton, Manuel Santana, Guillermo Vilas, Geoff Masters and Brian Gottfried.
  • Accommodations at Newcombe's Tennis Ranch
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner with the pros
  • Camp apparel
  • Daily clinics with the legends as your instructors
  • Match play coaching
  • Team practices with the "greats"
  • Match play against the pros
  • Strategy sessions and exhibition matches
  • Evening cocktail hour and other entertainment
  • Awards banquet
  • Ground transportation from airport
  • John Newcombe's Tennis Ranch is in New Braunfels, Texas, 30 minutes from the San Antonio airport.
  • Courtside rooms and condominiums are available for single or double occupancy, or guests can stay at a luxury bed and breakfast minutes from the ranch. Ask for details.
  • The ranch facilities include 28 tennis courts, eight lighted, four covered, as well as a pool and Jacuzzi.
  • The ranch main lodge features dining rooms, outdoor barbecue, banquet area, conference center, pro shop, lounge and bar
  • Spring Men's and Women's Fantasy Camp: $500 (non-tennis guest)- $2,000
  • Fall Men's Fantasy Camp: $4,100-$4,800
  • Accommodations costs vary according to the type of unit you choose.
  • Included in the price of all packages are all activities, meals, entertainment events and ground transportation.