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 Sydney Transportation 
The Sydney metropolitan area is served by an extensive network of bus, rail and ferry lines, with a central trip-planning service available online ( or by phone (dial 131-500).  The Web site includes details about various transit passes that can save you quite a bit of money if you make frequent use of public transportation during your stay. Of particular interest to visitors are the Sydney Explorer and Bondi Explorer bus lines, which link major tourist attractions citywide, with reasonably priced one- and two-day passes covering unlimited travel on both lines. A more comprehensive visitor pass called SydneyPass combines round-trip AirportLink rail service and a choice of harbor cruises, plus unlimited travel on the Sydney Explorer and Bondi Explorer bus lines, all regular city buses and ferries, and parts of the CityRail network. Three-, five- and seven-day passes are available ranging from AU$110 to AU$165 for adults, AU$55 to AU$80 for children, or AU$275 to AU$410 for families. See for details.

For shorter journeys around town, taxi service can be a convenient and reasonably affordable alternative to public transit. Taxis are generally easy to find in the central business district, but bear in mind that many Sydney cabbies lack encyclopedic knowledge of city streets, so unless you're headed for an obvious landmark or major avenue, it's wise to start out with some idea of how to get where you're going. American-style tipping is not expected, though it's common practice to round up a dollar or two.

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