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 Transportation Tips 
Although renting a car can be a good way to see the surrounding countryside, for transportation within the city it's best to take advantage of Melbourne's efficient network of trams, trains and buses. The Metlink system (a.k.a. "the Met") is divided into three zones, with most major attractions located within Zone 1. A single-zone ticket good for two hours costs AU$3.20, but you're probably better off buying a pass that's good all day (AU$6.10 for one zone) or for a full week (AU$26.70). Metlink also operates a free City Circle tram line that travels all the way around the central business district in about 30 minutes, with frequent service in each direction between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. An online Metlink journey planner with details about routes, fares and ticketing is available at Taxis can be a good option as well, particularly for several people traveling together, and water taxis can be chartered for destinations along the Yarra River.
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 When to go 
Unlike the tropical and subtropical parts of Australia to the north, Melbourne experiences four distinct seasons, with warm summer weather from December to February, cool and damp winters from June to August, and pleasant spring and autumn seasons in between. Overall the climate is quite temperate, with few truly hot or cold days and a moderate amount of rainfall. Travelers should come prepared for variable conditions, however, as unpredictable weather patterns can bring sudden temperature shifts and periods of rain and sunshine in the course of s single day. If you visit during the school holidays in December and January, brace yourself for crowds of summertime travelers and higher prices for accommodations.
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