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 The London Eye 
The designers of this unique contraption insist that their creation is not a Ferris wheel, because the wheel's hub is supported from one side only (not on both sides like a bicycle wheel), and because passengers ride in enclosed capsules attached to the outside of the rim (allowing unobstructed 360-degree views from the top). Whatever you call it, the London Eye is the sixth-highest building in London and the largest observation wheel in the world, carrying sightseers up to 135 meters (about 440 feet) above ground level in 25-passenger glass pods. The view from high over the south bank of the Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament is truly magnificent, and you'll have about half an hour to enjoy the experience as the wheel makes a complete circuit. If you book online (as late as two hours in advance of your "flight"), you can save 10 percent off the regular fare and avoid long ticket lines. The Eye is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (until 9 p.m. in summer), with a standard fare of 13 quid for adults, 6.50 quid for children, 10 quid for seniors and the disabled, free for children under age 5. Other options include Champagne flights for 29.50 quid, "Fast Track" tickets for 25 quid that cut short the usual half-hour boarding process, or you can book a private capsule for 385 quid.
Information: Official Site, +44-870-990-8883

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