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 Hallowed Halls 
Greater London's illustrious royal residences and other sites associated with the monarchy are among Britain’s most popular tourist attractions, and while the crowds can be daunting, there's something undeniably thrilling about treading in the footsteps of the British nobles. The Queen’s suburban residence at Windsor Castle, about half and hour west of the city by train, is open year-round, and it's possible to tour parts of her London digs at Buckingham Palace from late July through late November when Her Majesty is away. Also at Buckingham Palace, the Queen's Gallery exhibition hall and the Royal Mews (where horses, carriages and official motor cars are kept) are open all year. Before visiting either site, book tickets online at to avoid the long queues. Try to pay a visit to Kensington Palace as well, and make a side trip to Hampton Court Palace west of the city, taking note of the 17th-century indoor court where the old aristocratic game of real tennis is still played. And don't forget to nip into the Tower of London for a peek at the famous Crown Jewels.
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