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Destination Tennis: Colorado Rockies, takes you on a mile-high tour of the Rocky Mountains. Visit The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs where Presidents, Movie Stars and Olympians have experienced the classic luxury of this high altitude tennis retreat. Explore all that Colorado Springs has to offer including the Fine Arts Center, the Garden of The Gods National Park, the US Olympic Training Center and the US Air Force Academy. And when you're done with that, venture deep into the mountains to the upscale Mecca of the uber-elite - Aspen, Colorado. Where this outdoor wonderland features the best indoor tennis above 8,000 feet at the trendy Snowmass Club and the ultra-exclusive Maroon Creek Club. So let Destination Tennis show you where to play, where to stay and how to find some of the best restaurants in the mile-high zone.

Detstinatiion Tennis: Colorado tidbits:

  • "Destination Tennis: Colorado" was shot on location in Colorado Springs, Aspen and Vail during the month of February 2008 and all of the tennis facilities we visited were indoor facilities at high altitude. 
  • The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs is a world famous resort that has been frequented by presidents, movie stars and royalty since the early 1900's. The tennis pro Brent Zimmerman gives Mieke a lesson in "Control." They also discuss tips for playing at high altitude (because most visitors can easily be overcome with altitude sickness when they get off the plane). ATP Hall of famer Dennis Ralston conducts summer camps here as well.
  • The second location was the US Olympic Training Center (also in Colorado Springs) for a quick overview of that facility and their amazing visitor center.
  • Mieke then moves up the road to the US Air Force Academy and gets to spend that day practicing with the academy tennis team and the hall of famer Coach Richard Gugat (pronounced "Goo Gat").
  • From there Mike  visits the upscale mecca of Aspen where she visits the Snowmass Club and their beautiful indoor facility. The tennis pro gives Mieke a quick back hand lesson and informs us about high altitude tennis balls (they have thicker rubber and less internal pressure, in order to slow down the ball so it travels at the same pace as a ball at sea level).
  • Last is a trip to the super-exclusive Maroon Creek Club. This is the private club of the Aspen elite class. Mieke gets a lesson from their top pro Randy Crawford who is also Martina Navratilova's former coach and hitting partner. Producer's note: Keep an eye out for special tennis camera angles. We shot full-frontal images in slow motion of the tennis players (including Mieke and Martina Navratilova) as they practice groundstrokes. These are camera angles that can't be achieved during a professional tennis match, so it should be an interesting new perspective on the game.