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About James LaRosa

Tennis Channel ran a talent search for a French Open blogger and received over 500 hopeful entrants. After narrowing the field down to 10, James LaRosa was chosen through a combination of reader votes, a Tennis Channel panel, and popular tennis writer Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated.

James will be filing daily reports of his exploits while in Paris.

Read his submissions that earned him the trip.  First Entry l Second Entry

Guest judge, and tennis writer Jon Wertheim's comment on James:
What is it we look for in a blog? Humor? Insight? Off-beat sensibilites? Irony? Whatever it is, James nailed it all with consistently enteraining, consistently witty, exceptionally readbale riffs. He exhibited both writing chops and a passion for tennis (and its endearing quirks). Pack your beret, mon amis....

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