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Racquet Bracket is the ultimate pick 'em challenge game brought to you by Tennis Channel. Pick the winners of each match and collect points along the way. Particpation is fun and free, collect the most points and you could win valuable prizes. Select a tournament below. Good luck!

Racquet Bracket 2010

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Australian Open (ATP| WTA)

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Roland Garros (ATP| WTA)

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Wimbledon (ATP|WTA)

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  1. mgreen58 (6/2/2012 11:38:20 AM) 

    I too am tuning out matches with grunters and screamers - men or women. It's just no fun to watch. ..Here's what I don't quite understand: If I didn't make a sound after hitting the ball, but then made a sound after the ball bounced on the opponents court, I'd be called for hindrance. Why then, when the scream/grunt starts from the ball strike and continues until the ball comes up off the court on the opposing players side, is that not a hindrance? By continuity of logic it seems then that a player could grunt/scream continuously from their first ball strike in a point through the entire rally and not be called for a hindrance.

  2. Rosemary (6/1/2012 9:33:57 PM) 

    Thank you Martina and Mary C for discussing the rulings on the grunting in women's tennis. I was a huge fan of women's tennis until this grunting became the norm. I can't stand it! I now turn off the TV when women's tennis comes on. It is a pleasure to watch the mens' games without the annoying grunts after each stoke and outrageous sounds made even during points. As a woman, I think this hurts women's tennis and turns off an audience. When the tennis xxxistration gets around to addressing this, it may be too late.

  3. mskey (5/16/2012 2:07:02 PM) 

    I am not understanding why the women are not shown on tennis channel during the rounds of play. I watch to see the woman play even though I love the guys too. I love Federer, Tsonga, Monfil but I want to watch Serena and Venus play. Why do they only televise the ladies on Friday and not in the different rounds?

  4. tennistommy (3/16/2012 10:54:12 PM) 

    i hope that tc producers are looking at these comments. i have been a olayer, coach, instructor for over 30 yrs and i don't understand the need to talk during a point and replay and into the next point just to get their comments in. lindsey davenpert, everet, gilbert, rbinson and even macenroe when he is with them can't mulxxxask and xxx. the best are the those we dont know, i think they are brits or s african. they are precise in their analysis and limited in their commentary. describing why the crosscourt approach is geometrically low % and the volley position was too far from the net to hit an effective volley. also, why do you need three announcers and one in the stands who are competing for air time.

  5. ljrich (8/31/2011 10:28:28 PM) 

    McEnroe does not provide commentary, he just talks and talks and talks. Mute is the great equaizer. Robinson opens the door for McEnroe and he walks in and never shuts up. He had a lousy atxxxude as a player, he is not a good commentor, and tennis would be better off if he did not end up at every slam running his mouth on and on and on, and on occasionally kissing the bottom of whomever is number 1 at the time.

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