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Racquet Bracket Tournaments

Racquet Bracket is the ultimate pick 'em challenge game brought to you by Tennis Channel. Pick the winners of each match and collect points along the way. Particpation is fun and free, collect the most points and you could win valuable prizes. Select a tournament below. Good luck!

Racquet Bracket 2010

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Australian Open (ATP| WTA)

Click here for the ATP tournament
Click here for the WTA tournament

Roland Garros (ATP| WTA)

Click here for the ATP tournament
Click here for the WTA tournament

Wimbledon (ATP|WTA)

Click here for the ATP tournament
Click here for the WTA tournament

Coming in August

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  1. compozer (5/23/2013 3:45:39 PM) 

    If the sounds bother me, I mute my TV... amazing how well that works, whether one is breathing or squealing or grunting or cursing or whatever (or a commentator is being a jerk).And I would like to PLEAD for fresh match coverage over all other programming. I do not want to see two matches for the day selected and shown four times each, interviews with kindergarten teachers, in-depth looks at how the top players develop their personal sense of style -- show me the tennis that's being played: men's, women's, mixed, singles, doubles. We miss FANTASTIC matches so programming artistes can run their palettes for us. It's the TENNIS CHANNEL, for pete's sake!

  2. mikemanor (5/17/2013 8:16:44 AM) 

    Where are the women? I think you are losing some viewers because you are not showing the women's events.

  3. drop volley (3/11/2013 11:44:39 PM) 

    its hard for me to fathom the ignorance of this forums members--VIKA is not grunting--its the sound she makes when exhaling--its a breathing issue which cause an unusual sound--but it is NOT grunting--now Sharapova hits the ball with such force--she does indeed "grunt" ala Rafa--so everyone please educate yourself on what the sound VIKA generates before you go blindly and ignorantly accusing her of grunting--she has been breathing that way since age 5 and since is currently the worlds #2 behind Serena--and has held the #1 spot for quite some time--tells me she deserves some more RESPECT from the tennis world--and especially the supposed knowledgable, passionate fans here on the Tennis Channel comment forum--VIKA is a great human--with a great atxxxude--she is so passionate and loves the game--which is not so common these days--GO VIKA and turn up the volume for these ignorant naysayers

  4. RosalindRussell (8/23/2012 9:21:12 PM) 

    It would be nice to watch the games in some peace and quiet. You have some of the players yelling with each hit and then the commentators commenting on every move thats made. It does become quite annoying. I know that commentators are used in basketball and other sports, but most of those has been people relive their lives through the people who are playing currently. I was wondering do the players at anytime hear the commentators talking about the game?

  5. mgreen58 (6/2/2012 11:38:20 AM) 

    I too am tuning out matches with grunters and screamers - men or women. It's just no fun to watch. ..Here's what I don't quite understand: If I didn't make a sound after hitting the ball, but then made a sound after the ball bounced on the opponents court, I'd be called for hindrance. Why then, when the scream/grunt starts from the ball strike and continues until the ball comes up off the court on the opposing players side, is that not a hindrance? By continuity of logic it seems then that a player could grunt/scream continuously from their first ball strike in a point through the entire rally and not be called for a hindrance.

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