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Int. Racquetball Federation

Racquetball was invented in 1949 by Joe Sobek, and first played on a handball court in Connecticut. Sobek combined the basics of handball and squash and named the sport "paddle rackets." The game caught on quickly and has since evolved into the sport of racquetball, as it is known today.

Currently the sport has a large international presence with over 14 million people playing worldwide, in over 90 countries. The first world championships were held in 1981 and the sport is also included in the Pan American Games.

The International Amateur Racquetball Federation (IARF) was founded in 1979 in Memphis, TN, and later dropped the word amateur from its name when the sport gained in popularity during the 1980's. The IRF sanctions tournaments all over the globe with the biggest annual competitions being the World Championships and US Open.