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Little Mo

Directed by Jennifer Spell, an emerging filmmaker from New York "Unforgettable" chronicles Maureen Connolly's rise from the cracked cement courts of Balboa Park in her native San Diego, through her Grand Slam sweep at the age of 18 when she won 61 of the 63 matches she played that season; surrendering just one set in claiming all four Grand Slam crowns in succession.

The film explores Connolly's courage in coping with an abrupt end to her time at the top of tennis when a horseback riding accident cut short her career at the age of 19. An avid horseback rider, Connolly was riding her horse, Colonel Merryboy, when a passing cement truck frightened the horse, which threw Connolly into a ditch. She suffered a fracture fibula and bled profusely. The accident effectively ended her career.

The story also details Connolly's post-tennis life as she married Norman Brinker, became a mother and courageously battled the cancer that would claim her life at the age of 34.