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On Court with USPTA

The Sanchez-Casal Academy is one of the most advanced tennis-teaching academies in the world, training players of all ages to raise their game and compete at the highest level. For this episode, “On Court with USPTA” is proud to bring you a detailed look at three different drills taught by five-time grand slam doubles champion and USPTA professional Emilio Sanchez Vicario that can then be combined to form one intensive exercise that simulates playing out a real point. You begin on the defense with one drill, then move in and play offensively with another before finishing the play with a volley or an overhead smash. The drills are designed to help you work on endurance, balance and footwork and can be easily adapted to any skill level by simply varying the speed of the incoming ball. You’ll need a partner for these exercises, so grab a friend, watch the show, and then go out and train like a pro!

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More Information
Emilio Sanchez Vicario was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1965. Growing up with his older sister Marisa, his younger brother Javier and sister, tennis legend Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, he had the heart, the desire and the determination to compete. He started playing tennis professionally at age 19 and two years later won his first top-level singles title in Nice, France. He went on to win 15 titles in his singles career, climbing as high as World No 7. He was also a member of Spain’s Davis Cup team.

It was the doubles game where Emilio made his name. In his men’s doubles career he captured 50 titles (44 with longtime doubles partner Sergio Casal), including three grand slam events – the U.S. Open in 1988 and the French Open in ’88 and ‘90. In addition, he won two more Slams in mixed doubles play, picking up the French title in ‘87 with Pam Shriver and the U.S. Open the same year with Martina Navratilova.

Sanchez and Casal also went on to win the silver medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics and one year later they earned the worlds No. 1 doubles ranking.

Sanchez retired from the professional tour in 1997 and joined with Casal in ’98 to open a tennis academy in Barcelona with the mission of creating opportunities in tennis, in education and in life. He also went on to captain Spain’s Davis Cup team for three years, culminating in the 2008 championship.

Today the Sanchez-Casal academy is one of the top places in the world for players to train. In 2007, the academy opened a U.S. branch in Naples, Florida.

Emilio is a true revolutionary in the sport of tennis and he is here to share his secrets.