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Serena challenges Murray to karaoke at Wimbledon

6/14/2011 12:00:00 AM

EASTBOURNE, England (AP)—It started out as a joke to pass the time, but now Serena Williams says she’s planning to force Andy Murray to sing karaoke at Wimbledon.

During a day of incessant rain in England on Sunday, Murray, who was playing at Queen’s, asked his Twitter followers what the players could do to entertain the fans, suggesting “Karaoke would be great!!?”

Serena, who was being kept off the practice court at Eastbourne, revealed she had a portable karaoke machine with her and tried to commandeer Murray to join her in a singing session.

“omg I LOVE karaoke!!! Let’s do it on rain delays! What’s your go to song?? I’m in!!!!!! Let’s go! :)” she tweeted.

And after winning her opening match at Eastbourne on Tuesday, Williams was still keen, promising: “We’ll do it at Wimbledon. I’ll bring it and I’ll force him to sing.”

Murray said his song of choice would be REM’s “Losing My Religion.” Williams went for “Straight Outta Compton” by NWA.

It wouldn’t be the first musical interlude for Wimbledon. In 1996, English singer Cliff Richard gave an impromptu performance on Centre Court during a rain delay. His backup singers were Martina Navratilova, Pam Shriver, Gigi Fernandez and Conchita Martinez.