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"Getting a Grip: On My Body, My Mind, My Self"

Buy the BookGetting a Grip chronicles Monica's success on the tennis circuit where, at age sixteen, she became the youngest winner in French Open history. For three years she dominated the tour, racking up eight Grand Slam titles, and charming the media at post-match conferences with her trademark giggle. Monica Seles's determination, amazing talent, and touching vulnerability make her story both incredibly human and inspiring. By sharing her own narrative, she hopes to motivate other people to take control of their lives and their own happiness. CLICK HERE to read a chapter>>


Your Questions answered by Monica
Q) What is the best way to keep your mind on the court if you are easily distracted? Jane Daniels - Tampa, FL

MS) Great question. It definitely happens to the pros! For me what worked really well was focusing my eyes on the tennis ball. Zoning out everything else and really just staring at the ball.

Q) Which Slam has the best crowds? Steve Sullivan - Sacramento, CA

MS) That is a tough one! Each slam has amazing crowds, but the night matches at the US Open - the electricity from the fans is the best!

Q) Monica - with everything that you have gone through and all the happiness that you gave to your fans with your awesome tennis, what is it that makes you the happiest in life and why? Armando Barrera - Corpus Christi, TX

MS) My family, and my loved ones. My animals. Taking photographs is also something I really enjoy.

Q) When you look back at your days on Dancing with the Stars, would you have done anything differently if you could do it again? Nancy Cauldwell - Eugene, OR

MS) Yes, I would have practiced for a few years before agreeing to do it!

Q) What made you want to get into tennis? Antwan Staley - San Diego, CA

MS) As I discuss in my book, my brother played, and he was a top Jr. player in the world for his generation, and watching him at tournaments made me want to try as well.

Q) Who was the Player you most feared playing? Wayne Hitchens - Brisbane, MN

MS) I have never feared playing anyone, but all of the top players like Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graff, Martina Hingis, Serena and Venus Williams were defintely tough opponents!

Q) Wimbledon was the only grand slam that was missing from your titles. Did you ever feel that you should have gone after that title a little harder to complete a career grandslam after having lost a final to Steffi. Do you still get these thoughts when you see Wimbledon tennis? Jagdish Chandra - Monmouth JCT, NJ

MS) I wish that I had won Wimbledon, and trust me I tried my best to do it! Grass never suited my game that well and I always struggled on that surface. I do know I gave my best at Wimbledon. I have no regrets.

Q) What affect do you feel that your aggressive baseline game (from both wings) had on the evolution of women's tennis? Orlando Clopton - Atlanta, GA
MS) I don't think that playing 2 hands both sides inspired other young players as much as my style of hitting the ball on the rise. If you watch women's tennis right now, everyone is hitting the ball a lot harder from both sides and on the rise, and it has been great to see how much stronger women's tennis has become.

Q) What do you consider your greatest moment in tennis? I just want to say that you are a wonderful champion who is still missed very much by your fans! Keith Jacobson - Minneapolis, MN

MS) Thanks so much! My greatest moment in tennis was when I won my first grand slam in 1990 at the French Open. Going into that tournament, I never imagined that I would win at such an early age, and it was my favorite tournament to watch as a child. So, when I got to hold that trophy above my head, I realized my dream. That was such a wonderful feeling.

Q) Will you be doing a book tour for your book coming out in April? p.s I just wanted to say that you are a great ambassador for the sport of tennis and a wonderful role model for us all. I truly admire you for all you have done on and off the court. You are my hero Monica Seles!! Lee Locklear - Dallas, TX

MS) Thanks so much for the compliment! For the moment I'm not doing a cross country tour but be sure to look for me at different tennis events and I'm very excited about my Hall of Fame Induction this summer.

Q) What tournament outside a Slam did you always look forward to playing? Tami Dutro - Miami, FL

MS) My favorite tournament was Rome, because the center court had so much history. Foroitalico Court. As you will read in my book, there were also amazing restaurants in Rome!

Q) Dear Monica; Viral videos are so prevalent now. Do you ever watch any videos of yourself playing? Robert Ballard - Flushing, NY

MS) No, I don't watch the videos online! One of the things I regret about my career is that I didn't watch any video of myself playing. It is too bad, it could have really helped me!