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The NetJets Showdown

Didn't get enough of Federer vs. Sampras? On March 10th the two played an epic match in the NetJets Showdown from Madison Square Garden. Rewatch the entire match online now. Click the link below to start the player.

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Who do you think will win? Weigh in below.


Federer vs. Sampras NetJets Showdown Schedule
Date Online Schedule Location
NOW Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras in the NetJets Showdown streamed in its entirety online Madison Square Garden

Tale of the Tennis Tape

Bjorn Borg
Rod Laver
Rafael Nadal
Biggest Rival
 Andre Agassi
Tiger Woods gives a tip to Roger Federer
Golf Partner
Pete Sampras and Wayne Gretzky before teeing off
Paul Annacone
4 years ('04-'07)
Year End #1
 6 years ('93-'98)


  1. Richard Davis (3/13/2008 1:15:15 PM) 

    I was very disappointed in the match, and was very happy that I did not buy a ticket and fly out to see it. Sampras was out of shape and out of practice and it showed. Which in my opinion was unfair to the fans, sponsors and Federer. ....Regarding the match, you can't look at the score as a reflection of the level of play of either player or the quality of the match itself. What I saw was a nervous Sampras that could not keep a ball in play, and Federer lowering his game, trying to keep Sampras in the match. Yes, Federer had his share of pxxxing shoots, but as whole, to keep the match close in baseline rallies Federer just put the ball back up the middle; and when Sampras came to the net Federer would feed Sampras a makable shoot hoping that Sampras wouldn’t hit it out. (Which more times that not Sampras did) You could see Federer doing everything he could, short of deliberating hitting a ball into the net to keep Sampras in the first two sets. ....Given a quick first set and horrible tennis by Sampras, Federer knew he had no other choice than to donate the second set to Sampras, the big dilemma was how to do it without being too obvious. ....The only saving grace of the match was the third set. Federer strategy was clear, I'll break early and then everyone will hold serve to finish the set. The plan was flawless; Federer broke the first game on Sampras serve and switched on auto pilot. The problem was Sampras finally started making some shoots. When Sampras broke back you could see it caught Federer off guard. And when Sampras broke the second time you could see for the first time in the match frustration in Federer's face. Right there was the only time in the match when Federer was not in full control of the outcome of any game, and it showed. Sampras, who could barely get a first serve in the first two sets, was now hitting it in more consistently and was now in a position to serve for the match, and that was a dangerous spot for Federer to be in and he knew it. Besides Sampras being in a position to serve for the match, Federer who had played the entire first two sets with no pressure, now had to quickly switch on his game under pressure. (Which he had some trouble doing) To me, that one game where Sampras was serving for the set and match was the only game that had any drama or doubt as to the outcome. If that had been a true match in a tournament setting Federer wins 6-1, 6-1 and would have been off the court in less than an hour. ..

  2. paul t (3/13/2008 10:20:52 AM) 

    attention brian c: how can you believe that the fix wasn't in on monday night when you get a third set of 7-6 (8-6); it was good theatre but not great tennis!

  3. Dan Harrison (3/12/2008 2:41:17 PM) 

    I have never been so upset, as I was on Monday, while watching the Sampras-Federer match...only to get to within minutes of seeing the conclusion and results of the match, which were cut off and instead saw some unwanted advertisements instead.....I live in Brookings, OR., and have been very happy with the Tennis Channel up until now!....Question: I know that the Tennis Channel will undoubtedly rebroadcast this match at Madison Square Garden; the question is when and would you please respond to my query? I have other senior citizens here who are anxious to see the replay at our home, because they live out of town and cannot get the Tennis Channel on the cable system here. Please help...Sincerely,..Dan

  4. paul t (3/12/2008 2:32:40 PM) 

    first of all, as a tennis fan for over 30 years it was great theatre to be in attendance monday night at the garden; however, i left shaking my head not being able to reconcile how real the match that i had just watched and paid a lot of money to see was! lendl tried to do a good job but still could have been done a little clxxxier. the court was ugly and produced some bad bounces to sampras' dismay; the umpires chair was of the cheesy variety and the umpiring was awful! if people are expected to pay for this type of once in a lifetime( and now i see that they are scheduled to play again on the 17th)then the umpires that they hire should be the top available with u.s. open backgrounds (anything close was in for sampras)also the ballboys uniforms were so boring; these are the areas that could do with hype without cheapening the product.

  5. Ty (3/11/2008 4:08:36 PM) 

    Just bought it. The DVD is available for pre-order now at

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