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The NetJets Showdown

Didn't get enough of Federer vs. Sampras? On March 10th the two played an epic match in the NetJets Showdown from Madison Square Garden. Rewatch the entire match online now. Click the link below to start the player.

For more information on the event click here

Who do you think will win? Weigh in below.


Federer vs. Sampras NetJets Showdown Schedule
Date Online Schedule Location
NOW Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras in the NetJets Showdown streamed in its entirety online Madison Square Garden

Tale of the Tennis Tape

Bjorn Borg
Rod Laver
Rafael Nadal
Biggest Rival
 Andre Agassi
Tiger Woods gives a tip to Roger Federer
Golf Partner
Pete Sampras and Wayne Gretzky before teeing off
Paul Annacone
4 years ('04-'07)
Year End #1
 6 years ('93-'98)


  1. shane gregg (12/14/2007 12:08:29 PM) 

    The top 5 greatest players of all time right now are: 1 Rod Laver....2 Pete Sampras....3 Roger Federer.....4 Bjorn Borg......5 Andre Agassi. I believe this will be the list at the end of 2008.....1 Roger Federer.....2 Rod Laver......3 Pete Sampras......4 Bjorn Borg.....5 Andre Agassi.....As for the exibitions go it was just wonderful for tennis fans to get to see something that most other sports never get to see and that is 2 of the best tennis players in history playing against one another in a light hearted but competitive way........I also am reading alot of reviews on the matches and I am thinking there are alot of byast remarks from fans of each player....I have been watching tennis for 20 years and I know when someone is tanking or not....I have no doubt in my mind that Roger was not going full tilt, but I also know that Pete still plays very well and is very grateful for Roger inviting him to come play these exibitions and giving him a chance to be competitive again.....I also believe that they acquired quite a freindship while they were on tour and I think that says alot about both of them....Roger, because he gave up a week of vacation time to help Pete get back in the limelight and Pete, because he is willing to hang out with and develop a friendship with some one who is probably going to break every record that he or anybody else has set in the history of the sport.... .. ..As for who would win had they played each other in their primes.....I have no doubt that Pete would have had his share of wins.... The problem for Pete would be how well Roger plays in every tournament.....So I personally beleive if they played 10 times on each surface it would be this type of scenario.....Grass 5-5.....Clay 7-3 to Roger......Slower hardcourt 6-4 to Roger......Faster hardcourt 5-5......Indoor 6-4 to Roger.......and this is coming from someone who likes them both and is not making a byast statement..... ..

  2. Ini (12/14/2007 6:35:52 AM) 

    The top 10 best tennis players of all time starting with the greatest are;..1. ROGER FEDERER..2. PETE SAMPRAS..3. ROD LAVER..4. ROY EMERSON..5. STEFFI GRAF..6. BJORN BORG..7. JIMMY CONNORS..8. IVAN LENDL..9. MARTINA NAVARTILOVA..10. ANDRE AGASSI

  3. Deborah (12/12/2007 11:33:14 PM) 

    Am I the only person who found it a bit sad that Sampras watched recordings of the matches to see if Roger was as intense as he is in his regular matches? I mean, with all Sampras has accomplished, why isn't his own legacy enough? Don't get me wrong. It was fun to see them out there. Federer was very respectful and the fans in those cities were able to see legends of the game. Maybe that win in the final exho will soothe Sampras pain when Roger breaks his record, sooner rather than later.

  4. cgl (12/12/2007 1:16:14 PM) 

    i was just wondering if roger tanked a couple of games so the match will be competitive. but, you cannot simply write-off the sampras serve which sets up his excellent volleys. if sampras plays roger in his prime, the odds would have been even.

  5. ??????? (12/11/2007 10:43:16 PM) 

    Fed and Pete made big bucks to play these exhibitions. They just gave what the audience wanted to see. If Federer would have destroyed Sampras 6-3,6-2 for all the matches then people wouldn't want to see more of Federer and Sampras in March and probably more next year. With Federer earning 5 million dollars for these exhibitons I would too pretend and let Pete win one while barely winning one.

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