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The NetJets Showdown

Didn't get enough of Federer vs. Sampras? On March 10th the two played an epic match in the NetJets Showdown from Madison Square Garden. Rewatch the entire match online now. Click the link below to start the player.

For more information on the event click here

Who do you think will win? Weigh in below.


Federer vs. Sampras NetJets Showdown Schedule
Date Online Schedule Location
NOW Roger Federer vs. Pete Sampras in the NetJets Showdown streamed in its entirety online Madison Square Garden

Tale of the Tennis Tape

Bjorn Borg
Rod Laver
Rafael Nadal
Biggest Rival
 Andre Agassi
Tiger Woods gives a tip to Roger Federer
Golf Partner
Pete Sampras and Wayne Gretzky before teeing off
Paul Annacone
4 years ('04-'07)
Year End #1
 6 years ('93-'98)


  1. DOMENIC (3/2/2008 9:20:54 AM) 

    I think it would be very interesting to see Roger Federer take on an aged John McEnroe with a standard wooden racquet. Have both of their racquets strung with VS gut and play on cement hard courts. This would truly be a sight to see!

  2. kraig (2/27/2008 11:34:33 AM) 

    C'mon guys!!! The point of this is not for Pete Sampras to prove to the world that he can beat Roger Federer. These guys are just having some fun and making a buck while doing it. Federer practiced with Sampras while in the US for the Open Series and they had a lot of fun together, so they decided to do it in front of a crowd. If you didn't see any of the previous matches, during the course of the match, they were joking and having a good time with each other, at one point, Sampras said "Man! I'm tired!" then stepped to the side and handed his racket to a ballboy who then hit a few balls with Federer. These guys are good friends who just want to have some fun giving the public what they want -- a "Clash of Titans"

  3. cheryl (2/23/2008 5:32:40 PM) 

    I think Pete never got over Roger beating him and wants to prove that he can win over Roger. There isn't anything to prove. Both are extraordinary players of their time. No matter who wins or lose, when these guys are on court together, I just see "Greatness." Pete has to realize that his time has come and gone, and Roger still has some more years to left on the court to shine, to surpass his titles. No doubt, Roger will be the greatest player of all times! Even whithout surpassing Pete, Roger is just as phenomenal as Pete.

  4. ICEMAN (1/26/2008 9:51:27 AM) 

    Federer lost to Sampras because Pete has more to prove and his serve has never left him. Pete will dominate in the Garden on March 10 so you morons can get ready because I will enjoy the thrashing of the Swiss Miss. Some of you just don't get it, Federer's competition through these years he has been winning was nowhere near what Pete had to deal with. Roger is not better than Pete and never will be. Agassi is better than Connors you suck for posting otherwise Ini. shane gregg you have sense in your post I can not comment on Rod Laver, I was not even born when he retired, so I never saw him play. I know Sampras and Agassi to be the greatest, as a matter of fact I do not believe Federer is better than Agassi, so deal with that and I will be back....

  5. Nigel Griffith (12/20/2007 3:15:01 AM) 

    I must say it was great to see Pete Sampras back to playing the game he once dominated, i watch all three matches and Roger played very well but i think that Pete rise to his best level at this time in his career in all three matches, from 1st match to the 3rd match, granted the Roger has the edge in beating Pete at the height his career of Roger's game, being the number 1 player in the world, i also think that you cannot compare the error and the time when Pete played and the error that Roger is currently playing in, the game has change so much of all different style and better racquets and equipment which give Roger the edge at this time in Roger career, but let be clear if these two players were playing at the same time, age, and level, then we can really see who will be the best at this game, but we must also give these both players their credit they are the best the game has ever seen, they are both my idol and i admire the a whole lot they have inspired me and taught me to be the player i am today and i want to thank them for the opportunity to watch their careers, it been a pleasure to watch these two great players the game has ever produce in my lifetime, and i wish to continue watching them for many years to come, these two icons of tennis are simply the best as well as Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Chris Everet,Bjorn Borg and Andre Agassi, all these great icons of tennis has brought a high level of tennis to this games in their error, we must respect the greatness that these players has given to us all,this is the only fare way to judge all these great tennis icons as they go down in the history book. ......Regards, ......Nigel Griffith

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