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We received many wonderful entries. Here are some of our favorites.

"First round; Heaven's Masters Series: Elvis d Jim Morrison 6-2;6-2"
Ronold - Long Branch, NJ

"Return to Sender"
Jeanne - Dothan, AL

"Murphy Jensen has new life on the court after completeing treatment from the Hair Club For Men."
Robbie - Rome, GA

"What happened in the Tennis Channel Open, stays in the Tennis Channel Open."
Li - Tampa, FL

"A Hunk-a-Hunk-a burnin' love-40 "
Cathy - Las Vegas, NV

"This tennis ball is about to leave the building!"
Mark - Fort Wayne, IN

"Finally; after thirty years; I have another hit !!"
Keenan - Charlottetown, PE

"Elvis may still be here; but his tennis skills have definitely left the building!"
Kathleen - Spring, TX

"Viva Las Volley!"
Mark - Los Angeles, CA

"toto;I don't think we're in wimbledon anymore."
Herbert - Treasure Island

"A little less conversation; a little"
Cheryl - Webster, NY

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