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Your Photo Captions

We received many wonderful entries. Here are our favorites. Check back regularly for future photo caption contests.

Michael -Compton, CA

I know coach says "watch the ball" but aren't I suppose to hit it? 
Raluca -Watertown, MA

Look everyone;...Jedi mind trick! 
Ricardo -Costa Mesa, CA

Be the ball; early preparation; happy feet; be the ball; control your breath; visualize; relax; be the ball; ........ 
Robert - Frisco TX

I must be in-the-Zone; the ball is starting to look like a grapefruit! 
Richard - Royersford, PA

She has a nose for the ball. 
Steve - Seattle, WA

Penn's Revenge! 
Don - Honolulu, HI

I swear I didn't tell a lie! 
Connie - Zionsville, PA

...You are under my power! 
Jan - New York, NY

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Clarissa - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Oh my nose! Marcia Brady has nothing on me. 
John - Philadelphia, PA

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