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We received many wonderful entries. Here are some of our favorites. Click here to enter our new contest.

"Full layout front flip landing in perfect postion hands evenly spaced toes pointed. Score from judges 9.96! Lost .04 for not dropping the racquet."
Richard - Rohnert Park, CA

"I guess the court really isn't any greener on the other side"
Craig - Deltona, FL

"Coach said to throw myself at every ball but this is ridiculous!"
Michael - Alexandria, VA

"And they say Tennis is not a contact sport"
David - Great Neck, NY

"I don't think this is what they meant when they said; "follow through"..."
Alexandra - Miami, FL

"How a pro tests net tension."
Mark - Los Angeles, CA

"Instead of spinning the racquet to see who serves ... let me flip for it ... heads or tails."
Joe - Myrtle Beach, SC

"Video Instant Replay just beat out this "more traditional" method of ruling on close line calls!"
Joe - Omaha, NE

"Whose side are you on?!!"
Ann - Atlanta, GA

"Girly push-ups? I don't think so!"
Natalie - Los Angeles, CA

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