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Open Access: The Producers

Carrie and Heath, producers for the show Open Access, share their stories as Murphy Jensen and company hit the road for the US Open. Get behind the scenes access in their regular blog, The Producers.

September 6, 12:00pm

Is Open Access a lucky charm for the players at the majors? I think so. We’re just about ready to go into our edit of the US Open show which will feature all the events going on at the Open, as well as two players, Andy Roddick and Jelena Jankovic (who also happens to be doing a blog for us as well). Jelena is having the tournament of her career and is entering the semis of a major for the first time. Andy, who lost in the first round of the US Open last year and hasn't done well at the majors since, is in top form, making it to the quarters and is looking confident to move on.

Some may credit coaches and the hard work the players have put in beforehand, but lets not overlook our relaxed fun interviews with Murphy before the tournament that can provide them with the winning edge. Here are some past examples for proof:

Sydney '05 - Murphy Takes Lindsey Davenport on a cruise, she then goes on to the finals at the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and finishes the year at #1

French '05 - Murphy takes Mary Pierce to visit the Trocadero in Paris, she goes on to make it to the finals and has one of her best years.

Wimby '05 - Murphy chats up Roger Federer at the Player party and he goes on to win.

US Open '05 - Murphy again, meets up with Roger at several of the parties, and Roger goes on to win.

Melbourne '06 - Roger Federer invites us up to his suite, and he goes on to win the tournament.

French '06 - We take the Bryan's out for a cruise; they make it to the finals of the French and go on to win Wimbledon for the first time.

Wimby '06 - Roger invites us to his flat, and then goes on to win Wimbledon for the third straight time.

US Open '06 - ???

Obviously choosing to feature Roger Federer at the majors makes for a safe bet, but lets not forget the other tournaments that we cover as well, for example:
Moscow '05 - Igor Andreev invites us to his house, then wins the tournament.

Las Vegas '06 - We featured Lleyton Hewitt, he goes on to make the finals and loses to James Blake (who we don't feature because he's doing our No Strings)

San Diego '06 – Maria Sharapova meditates with Murphy, then wins the tournament.

It may be luck, it may be coincidence, but either way Open Access always comes out a winner.



August 30, 12:17pm

The hotel lobby was packed on Monday night as Agassi powered through his first round match. Team Open Access was right there cheering along with the various players and clothing company reps staying there. Our US Open shoot had come to an end and we had said goodbye to Flushing Meadows early that evening so we could pack for our early flights the next day. People all week kept asking us, "Why are you leaving? The tournament just started!" The reason is because we try to shoot on the front end, usually starting the week before a tournament when the players are trickling into town and have more time for the media. Once the tournament starts, they're naturally focusing on their tennis. So now we're back in LA preparing to edit everything we shot over the last week. Stay tuned for the show's premiere on Sept. 17!


August 28, 9:34am

Things are starting to wind down at the US Open and a match hasn't even been played yet. We've been to a party every night for the past four days. Nothing was more exciting than our very own Glam Slam, but I'm still waiting for my hearing to come back. Murphy got a chance to show of his dancing skills under the disco ball at the Wilson party, then we got a chance to actually mingle at the Prince party.

The past two days have felt more like Wimbledon with the rain we've been having, but luckily there haven't been too many outdoor events. Today is our last shoot day and were going out with a bang, Murphy and John McEnroe will be teaming up with some Sharapova lookalikes on the Battleship Intrepid. I'm not exactly sure what they'll be doing but there's nothing I like more than women that look like Sharapova and big boats.

Its been a great week here at the US Open and I can't wait to see how the footage comes out. I caught a bit of the Emmys last night and I fully expect us to take home all the big awards next year, including "Best Show Ever" a new category I expect to be made just for us.



August 27, 10:40am

Last night was the annual Wilson party at the Marquis Club here in NYC. The place was packed full of corporate invitees and other, more conservative guests. And then Open Access arrived. Murphy was clad in a white suit a la Saturday Night Fever and rocked the dance floor with his moves. Then the players began to arrive. Lindsay Davenport had just gotten into town and was in good spirits despite retiring in her final due to a shoulder injury against Justine Henin-Hardenne in New Haven. Venus got the bug when she saw Murphy and showed him a few choice dance moves. Roger Federer looked suave as always and when we left, we saw a massive black Cadillac SUV outside that had to have been his ride. The driver was keeping it running, probably for a quick exit after making his appearance. As for us, we took a cab.

It's starting to pour rain now, but Open Access never stops. Ljubicic and Keifer are signing autographs at Mason's Tennis shop in Midtown, so we're heading over there in a few minutes. Maybe they'll sign Murphy's head, like Andy Roddick did at the Lacoste shop on Thursday. We will see...



August 25, 1:40pm

It's been a whirlwind of events here in NYC ever since we arrived on Tuesday. The week before the US Open is prime time for sponsor events and tennis player spottings around Manhattan. Yesterday outside the Golfsmith shop, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal made an appearance for Nike. They put a tennis court right there on the street and tons of fans stopped by to get an up close and personal look at the best two players in the world. Rafael is a lot taller than he looks on TV. Maybe it's those clamdiggers...

The big Glam Slam party is tonight, so we went to New York's hottest spa right now called the Cornelia spa. Tatiana Golovin, Bethanie Mattek and Jelena Jankovic were there getting gussied up before the big night. Murphy helped Jelena pick a nail color for her manicure, Tatiana went for a facial and Bethanie went for a massage. We waited for them all to finish, but Bethanie never came out. We think she must've fallen asleep on the table. The coolest thing in this spa is the pool filled with 18,000 bottles of Evian water. Murphy was a little thirsty when we went in there so you can imagine what he did next...

Tonight it's the big Glam Slam party. I'll be with Murphy interviewing players on the dance floor. More stories to come...


Open Access from the us open is in full swing. There's nothing I like more than arriving in new york at 12:30 in the morning, getting to my room at 2am, then waking up 3 hours later to prep for a five hour shoot with Andy Roddick. The feature with Andy went great, obviously getting him after he won his first tournament in over a year helped. Trying to coordinate a shoot with a superstar is never easy, especially when your following him on his media tour and you can't be late for any live shoots. Murphy was on though and got Andy to open up about everything(literally), Andy's fly was down during a live interview so Murphy had to dock him a few points while critiquing his interview skills. Not only that Andy was kind enough to tell all about him and Sharapova, obviously I'm not going to say anything because you'll have to watch the show. Tomorrow will be an action packed day with lots of events, too many to mention, but we will use our good looks and all our will power to get behind the scenes with the top players....P.S. Murphy says hi.