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You watched the show, now live the life. Look at these helpful tips and recipes which will add to your active tennis lifestyle.

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Martial Arts

Martial Arts is a great CHANGE/OVER from your regular tennis training routine. Find a personal trainer with a background in martial arts and have her customize a workout routine for you. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, tennis and martial arts share the mind-body connection so important to mano a mano battle sports. Here are three things to focus on during your workout to help you become a warrior on court!

  • FINDING YOUR CENTER! Balance: The first key to better balance is awareness! Notice your center. Feel your body when you are aligned and grounded. As you move, focus on your core, feel your center of gravity as it shifts while you move, and stay tuned to your balance. Practice staying centered and allowing your breath to shift energy from the core to your extremities. This will help you to find the power in your body and translate it through your swing.

  • ENJOY THE PROCESS! Repetition is the key to mastery. Whether you're learning an attack strike or a topspin backhand, you need to repeat the move over and over so that your muscles build "memory." When you first begin, your mind interferes, you think too much. Let your muscles "remember" so you don't have to. Focus on completing the repetitions, not on the outcome, and eventually the results follow naturally. When you've hit a great shot, focus on how it felt, instead of trying to understand what you did. Re-create that feeling. This keeps you in the present, dynamic and active. In spiritual arts this is known as "the land of no mind." In sports, we call it "the zone."

  • RELAX! Your body operates differently under stress. Relaxation allows for greater flexibility and range of motion. Remind yourself to breathe. Tell yourself to "be easy" and "see the ball slowly." Relaxation doesn't mean being lazy or careless. It is the ultimate state of readiness, comfortable and in control. Feeling relaxed and prepared is the key to mastery!



Grab a handful of raw almonds for a quick snack during your 90 second break. Easier than peeling a banana, less messy than an orange. Gives you great energy without slowing you down with heavy digestion. Or better, try these great recipes!

Recipe No. 1

Fresh Roasted Trail Mix:
1 cup raw almonds
1 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1 cup raw sunflower seeds
1 cup raisins
Wash and drain almonds. Dry roast them in stainless steel pan over medium heat
Do the same with pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Mix all the ingredients together in bowl and portion into small sandwich bags to put in your racquet bag. Munch on small amounts throughout the day and on ChangeOvers. Also makes a great snack while watching ChangeOver!

Recipe No. 2 with alternative

Want a sweet treat? Try the smoothie Jeanne and Kate made on the show. It's fast, easy and great for long burning energy. Amasake is a creamy sweet drink that contains no sugar, just the natural goodness of brown rice.

Super Fuel Smoothie Recipe:
1 cup of amasake
1 cup of organic blueberries
1 cup organic strawberries
2 tsp fresh squeezed lemon (adjust to taste)
a fresh mint leaf (optional)

Place all ingredients in blender and mix until smooth. This smoothie will keep all day in your cooler, since there is no dairy. Just add ice for a refreshing chilled drink that keeps your energy up!

Want to try something different? Try this!

Raw Almond Smoothie:
1 cup of raw almonds soaked overnight
1 cup of water
3 tbs brown rice syrup
1 tsp vanilla

Soak 1 cup of almonds overnight in a glass bowl, covered with good quality water. After almonds have soaked, discard the water and peel the almonds. Place almonds in blender and incrementally add water as you increase the speed, blend well for smoothness. Add syrup and vanilla and blend. Keep this base recipe in the fridge on hand for quick smoothies for up to 3 days. From this you can create your own variations adding assorted organic fruits or refreshing vegetable combinations.

Mini Mochi Muffins:

What is it? 
Mochi is made from whole grain brown rice, is wheat and gluten free, cholestoral free and low in fat. It can be eaten in a variety of ways. When baked, mochi muffins are brown and crispy on the outside with a chewy interior. Mochi easily takes on a full range of flavors from savory to sweet.

Where to find it?

Mochi can be purchased at most health food stores and often in the Asian cooking section of regular grocery stores.

How to make it?
Simply cut into 1 inch squares and bake at 450 degrees for 8-10 minutes until squares puff up and are slightly browned. Add a little almond butter for a great ChangeOver snack!

No matter what you eat remember this tip when snacking on a changeover. CHEW CHEW CHEW! Good chewing is the first part of proper digestion and one of the most important practices for healthy eating. The more you chew, the more you are able to utilize the energy of your food's nutrients. Chewing completely breaks down the nutritional components allowing for more complete absorption by the body. Chew well completely mixing the saliva, until it the food is liquid in form. It is the first step to good nutrition, the key to the smooth operation of all digestive functions and will give you the best boost of energy you need on for a winning match!

Fashion As Seen on Change/Over

Kate is wearing...

True Religion Brand Jeans, Joey fit
John Varvatos Jack Purcells for Converse tennis shoes in red

J. Crew hoodie in navy

James Perse scoop neck T in white

Black warm up suit by Fila

Shop on line or at Barney's, Nordstrom's, and other fine clothing stores.

Kate and Max shopped at
Minnie's T's
1355 Abott Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Sorvino Asthma Foundation

The Sorvino Asthma Foundation was founded in 1993 by Paul Sorvino as a Not-for-Profit organization. the Foundation's goal is to build asthma centers for children and adults across the United States.

Please visit the foundation at